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Sustainability Strategies

“Paul Hohnen occupies a special place in the sustainable development debate. His contributions reflect a distinguished history of service to government, multilaterals, civil society, and business in support of a just and humane future”.

Dr Allen White, Director, Tellus Institute, Co-founder of the Global Reporting Initiative

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How organisations respond to the challenge of balancing humankind's economic, social and environmental interests - sustainable development - will be an increasingly large factor in determining their future success.

Most, however, do not have integrated sustainability management systems in place. Nor do they monitor their operating environment consistently, for related signs of crisis or for the new market opportunities that change may offer.

Effective responses are not bolt-on. They need to be embedded into organisational strategy. The development of appropriate policies requires a firm grasp of the complex links between markets, laws and ecosystems.

In confronting sustainable development, Paul Hohnen can help organisations:

Hohnen offers government, business and NGO clients three unique qualities:

  • first-hand involvement in shaping international policies
  • detailed knowledge of the key actors and institutions involved
  • a track record of helping find innovative and effective solutions
Quote of the Month

“In the face of all the evidence on climate change ...(Polish Prime Minister Tusk's) counsel of making 'full use of the fossil fuels available' is at odds with his stated desire for 'a cleaner planet'. Even more strangely, European leadership on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies barely rates a mention. If a true and sustainable energy union is to be forged, surely it should be built on the sharing (including costs) of (wherever possible) locally available, low or no carbon energy sources, especially those whose future operating costs look low.”

Paul Hohnen, letter, Financial Times, 28 April 2014

The Year in Pictures


Facilitator, Ecochem Conference, Basel, 11-13 November

Master of Ceremonies and Plenary Chair, Life Cycle Assessment Forum, Lille, 5-6 November

Keynote speaker, EQFM Conference, Brussels, 20 October

Chair, World Investment Forum Session on Leveraging Private Investment for Sustainable Development, Geneva, 16 October

Moderator, Green Industry Platform Advisory Board meeting, New York, 22 September

Keynote speaker on Sustainability and Stakeholders, private sector workshop, Rotterdam, 16 September

Guardian Sustainable Business article about food safety, 22 July

Moderator, UNIDO/UNEP Green Industry Platform Technical Expert Committee, Vienna, 25-27 June

Highlights of 2013



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